Playstock FAQ: Everything about Upgrading Your Portfolio

In response to the demand of customers and continuous changes in the future, Playstock will be frequently updating our FAQs.  

High-quality video is a must if you are considering selling it on PlayStock. Then what can you do to encourage more sales on your work particularly?

You must pay attention to what you are filming, but it is also important to consider titles, and keywords, and the season when you upload your footage.

1. The title is the headline of your footage

The title has to be precise and eye-catching. Be careful not to get lazy and end up listing words to form a long sentence. The title needs to reflect what your footage holds. Don’t think of it as a simple title of a short clip, think of it rather as a headline of a news article or a title of a book. Also, while working on making the right title, try not to get too kind and make it too wordy. It is best to make it precise, not too heavy, and not too informative. 

2. Remember to add relevant and informative keywords

Here is where you have to get really kind and eager to list every word that is related to your footage. A keyword is an informative word used to indicate the content it wishes to describe. A good keyword would be directly related to what your footage is about. It can be a direct explanation of what is in your clip or what it can represent. It can suggest to your buyers the way to use the clips. They all have to be individual and try not to waste your space with unnecessarily repetitive words. Also, be careful not to slip in information about yourself or the name of a specific product you used for filming. In Playstock, AI will recommend keywords that are relevant to your work. Check through them thoroughly and add more keywords that weren’t automatically tagged, such as country, regions, or emotions.

example of footage by danil.roudenko3015

Unacceptable keywords for this footage are:

LED, Truck, UV, nightlight, people, neon, day, sun, moon, stars….and any other words that are irrelevant to the footage

3. Read the flow of Seasons and Trends

Try to read the trend and always remember that holiday and seasonal footage is popular. However, every contributor would be filming for holidays and seasonal events. The key to raising sales is to get there earlier than anybody else. Say for Halloween, upload related footage before October. Filming things around you is good, but to boost up your earnings, reading the flow and having the ability to look ahead is significant.

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