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In response to the demand of customers and continuous changes in the future, Playstock will be frequently updating our FAQs. 

How do I get paid for my footage?

Downloaded Content will be compensated in cash to you in accordance with the Company policy. Playstock does not have a payment cycle set up. Contributors can request their payments regardless of date, once their payout amount has reached its minimum balance.

1. Payment Options
  • PayPal: To receive payment via PayPal, please provide your PayPal email on Mypage. 
  • Payoneer: To receive payment via Payoneer, please enter the word ‘Payoneer’ in the PayPal Email section on Mypage instead of PayPal email.

2. Payment Calculation
  • The payments which you can request any date of the year is eligible only for those whose earnings have reached the minimum payout($25)
  • Once you have reached the minimum balance required, the Payout button will be activated
  • You can check your payment amount in the Upload list
  • If you want to receive your payment via Payoneer, keep in mind to send us the Payment Request via Payoneer after clicking the Payout button.
  • It is important that you provide accurate and complete information that we request such as valid payment information, or your full legal name. If you fail to provide such information, you may not be able to be compensated for your work.

3. Where can I check my current balance?
  • To check your payment amount, click on the hamburger menu in the right upper corner.
  • There you can find the Upload List under Uploads.
  • If you click on Upload List, a page with Upload List and Sales History will come up.
  • Click on Sales History, and there is your current balance.

4. What happens if my payout does not reach the required minimum balance?

If your payment does not reach the minimum payout of $25, all your earnings will be paid out on a regular basis, 2 times a year between the 1st and 10th day of every January and July. However, we inform you that regular payout is only available for Paypal users. Thus, we recommend you to make a Paypal account if you want to receive your payment before it reaches its minimum balance.

5. Why is my payment less than what it says?

The payout amount shown on Sales History is pre-tax earnings. Playstock deducts the amount of commission according to the Company’s commission rate(20%) from all earnings. Even after the 20% deduction, you will be responsible for all additional fees(taxes, levies, imposts, duties, currency exchange costs, or other similar charges that are imposed on the payments) if there are any in the process of payout. There can be approximately 5-10% additional deduction from the remaining 80% of your earnings after Playstock collects its commission of 20%. About the currency exchange cost and National Tax Services, the country you indicate in the process of registration shall be considered your country of residence. 

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