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Why was my footage rejected for Keywords?

If your footage was rejected for Keywords, check if your footage is subject to the following conditions:

  • Keywords are written in non-English or misspelled

All keywords should be written in English. Non-English words are only acceptable if there aren’t any alternative options for English to use, or they are names of people, places, animals, or plants.

  • Keywords are irrelevant to your footage

It is completely understandable that you want your work to be exposed to more audiences. To do so, however, you have to be honest and build trust with your potential buyers. Stick to your footage, list the right information about your work, and be precise. Attracting people with popular-but-unrelated keywords might earn you a few more views, but it cannot be helpful for your sale in the long run.  Adding irrelevant keywords to increase the view rate will result in rejection.

  • Keywords include special characters

Special characters such as ⥴, ⬲, ন, ۝, or any letters in accordance cannot be accepted.

  • Keywords are repetitive

Continuous use of the same word is regarded as spamming. Rather than using many similar keywords with repetitive words, we recommend you cover every aspect that your footage holds. Widening the range of keywords is also important.

  • Keywords contain specific brand/trademarks/contributor’s name

Keywords with specific brand names, trademarks of any sort, contributor’s name, and other irrelevant/unnecessary information regarding content will be rejected. Information about the camera or camera settings, contributor’s private SNS account, website links or URLs, famous brand/artist/business names is all unacceptable. 

  • Keywords are too offensive, or aggressive(gives displeasure in any way).

We do not accept keywords that are culturally offensive, racist, and discriminatory.

Recommendations on Keywords

  • Playstock is equipped with AI that will recommend keywords that are relevant to the footage that you wish to upload. Check all of the recommended keywords to see if any other features are missed out.
  • Think in the buyers’ shoes. Try to think about what keyword buyers would type in if they need to find your footage. 

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