Playstock FAQ: What is Stock Footage?

In response to the demand of customers and continuous changes in the future, Playstock will be frequently updating our FAQs. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of stock footage and its uses, we are here to help your understanding.

1. What is Stock Video(Stock Footage)?

Stock footage is a short video resource that is available for commercial or editorial use in various fields. It is also known as stock video or b-roll. The running time of these videos is usually less than a minute and does not feature a specific brand or name of a product. Businesses or individuals who bought the footage are free to use them without the risk of copyright infringement. Once you purchase footage, you can use that footage to match your own style of editing. However, it is crucial that you know the fundamental purpose of your creation, since there are limitations regarding commercial use and editorial use.

2. How do you use stock footage?

When it comes to filming, there are a lot of unimportant but necessary clips that you need. Secondary, but also necessary. For example, you need a night sky full of stars, a clip of historical sites, or perhaps a wet street in an exotic place. This is when the stock footage is used. Using stock footage saves you the time and money it takes to film your secondary scenes. The fact that they are out for sale to whoever would buy them, does not mean that their quality is low. The footage goes through strict rules and standards, allowing the users to be offered the best quality videos. 

Source: Can You Create A Great Video Using Only Stock Footage??[Editing Contest] by Dunna Did It

Stock footage is also useful if you are new to editing and shooting videos. When you are producing a video and you are a beginner, there comes a time where you need a specific clip or an effect, but the situation is not available, or you lack the skills, or there are any other reasons you can’t do it on your own. Stock footage platforms provide not only short clips but also special effects that give life to your work.  

3. What is Playstock for? 

Playstock provides stock video collections in diverse subjects and themes from various places such as smartphones, DSLR, drones, and etc. The content this platform provides is all Royalty-Free, allowing you to create multiple different projects with the same footage once you’ve paid the initial cost. The initial costs that you have to pay will be fixed at a very reasonable price and do not fail to provide you with high-quality clips.

Also, you can easily be both the buyer AND a contributor. If you got to film a beautiful clip but don’t have the opportunity to make use of it, you can make a profit by selling it on our platform. Here in Playstock, you can not only sell your work, but you can also monetize the value of your work yourself and upload it on this platform with the right keywords. 

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