Top 5 Free/Low Budget Marketing Tools to Lift Your Business

What does it take to successfully market your business? Intelligence and diligence, and most importantly the right tools. Without the right marketing tools, it would be more than difficult to market your business and let the world know that it even exists. Some might think that expensive costs prove the quality of the tools, but thankfully, that’s not true. You don’t have to overspend your budget on marketing tools, because here is a list of low-budget marketing tools that are perfectly capable of lifting your business to another level.

Free marketing tools

1. Unsplash – Stock image

Source: Unsplash Homepage

If you work as a marketer, you will need A LOT of free stock images. You may have to write articles like this one, attract followers for the official blog or any other social media, or build a business brand. One might say, google is full of images! However, using whatever image you find on the internet can cause copyright violations. You do not want to get involved in that. right? If you do, you might have to pay fines or have your website blocked.

Unsplash is a free stock image website. You can find tons of free image resources you need for your marketing strategy. Resources uploaded on these sites are free to use and can be used for any purposes meaning that they can be modified and used for commercial, editorial purposes as well as personal projects on/offline.

However, you should note that there are limitations when it comes to commercial use since the license of Unsplash does not include the right to use:

  • Trademarks, logos, or brands that appear in Photos
  • People’s images if they are recognizable in the Photos
  • Works of art or authorship that appear in Photos

Thus if you download images with any of these depicted in them, you need the permission of someone who holds the authorship of the brand.

2. Canva – DIY Design

Source: Canva Homepage

Design is always a tricky part when it comes to a marketer who doesn’t have a designer to get help. However, you don’t need to be an expert on designing or using Photoshop anymore as long as you have Canva. A free design tool, Canva, is trusted by more than 2 million people with creating and sharing marketing images to share on websites or SNSs. If you are not confident with your designing skills, there is no need to worry, because they have templates for basically everything you need for marketing, including brochures, flyers, web banners, and presentations.

Using this tool is super simple and intuitive as well so it won’t even take you half an hour to master it. Just start with a template, it will be in a perfect size for your purpose of use, and customize it. You can layer photos, fonts, layouts, and backgrounds, and something extra icons or illustrations. Once you select the purpose of use, the template automatically adjusts the size of the layout and shows you examples of the design that you can get references for. Canva also provides various export options such as PNG, JPG, GIF, MP4. All you need to do is select the option depending on your purpose.

3. WhatFont – Font design

Source: Playstock Homepage with WhatFont extension

This one is an extension tool. I believe you have at least once come across a situation where you like a font on another business’ website. You wish you could use it, but searching for fonts is more time-consuming and difficult than you think. It is situations like this when WhatFont comes in handy. With this tool, you can identify the information of the fonts used on any websites you see.

All you have to do is download the tool, go to the website with your dream font in it, click on the WhatFont extension, and hover over the page to identify the name. It works as a bookmark, extension for chrome and safari, so choose whatever you prefer and discover the world of fonts.

Low budget marketing tools

4. Fiverr – Design request

Source: Fiverr Homepage

If you have not much time and need a top-quality design, Fiverr is your stop. Fiverr has endless lines of professional freelancers to provide their services, ranging from logo design to video editing. They also provide their services at a very generous price, allowing you to get what you want within your budget. 

There might be too many people to choose from, but Fiverr has that covered as well. You can see the reviews of previous users, rating stars, and some freelancers are provided with labels like “Fiverr’s Choice” or “Level 2 seller”, which could help you determine your choice.

Depending on package type and delivery time, the price fee would be charged differently. So, take a closer look at the options they offer and choose one that sounds reasonable for you.

Source: I Paid a Stranger $25 to edit my Pizza Commercial by Daniel Schiffer

5. Playstock – stock video

Source: Playstock Homepage

Videos have always been a big part of our lives, and it is currently bigger than ever. People prefer to watch videos from brands rather than read a blog post, they want something that their eyes can enjoy. It has been surveyed by Livestream and New York Magazine that 80% of people prefer live video over blog articles, and 82% prefer videos over social posts. 

Thus, knowing where to get stock footage is important. Playstock provides stock footage available for commercial and editorial use at a very reasonable price starting from $1. Although the clips are cheaper compared to other stock footage platforms, I can confidently assure you that you will not be disappointed with the quality of the footage. Just go to Playstock, type any keyword that comes to mind about the footage you need, and purchase. You will be double surprised with the price and then the quality.

Investing money in what you need might lead to a good result. But what you have to know is that those results can be achieved even without blowing your budget. All you need is the right tool, some experience, and a lot of passion. Money is not a game-changer. So let’s all close our wallets, grab the tools, and take your business to the next level.

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