TOP 10 Mobile Videography Creators with Hacks on Instagram

When it comes to videography, there’s nothing more convenient than a smartphone. Mobile cameras today provide 1080p in general and some even support 4K. That means you can shoot anything with your smartphone that you always carry around. Then what’s needed to create outstanding content? It’s definitely a brilliant idea I would say. No worries. Tons of inspiring creators are out there on Instagram. Today, I’ll let you know the 10 most creative mobile videography creators among them. Appreciating their amazing reels, get inspired to create your own stunning videos!

1. @jordi.koalitic 

Posting 720 | Follower 5,100,000 

As the number of followers is proving, this Spanish creator is absolutely one of the best content creators inspiring millions of thousands of photographers and videographers worldwide. @jordi.koalitic is especially well known for his unique and uncommon angles that bring a whole new perspective. You might wonder how he came up with all those crazy ideas. He will let you know how to create fascinating mobile videos using ordinary stuff around you. Every tutorial includes behind the scenes and results so all you need to do is just practice!

If you like his style of work, you can also follow @arnaukoalitic who’s a photographer at Jordi’s team. 

2. @kylenutt

Posting 422 | Follower  1,100,000 

Transition plays a major role in videography. Any kind of boring stuff can be reborn when you apply the proper transition. @kylenutt knows the best way to put the right transition in the right place. Most themes of his reels are about ordinary things such as making pizza, pouring coffee, or just playing with a ball. However, when you see the result, they’re transformed into something awesome commercials!

3. @karenxcheng

Posting 441 | Follower  912,000 

If you have ever used Adobe Premiere Rush before, then you have already met her. Because she’s the one who appears on the cover when you open the program. This talented creator has colorful careers including video editors, lighting directors, storyboard artists, composers, and PR researchers. @karenxcheng let people know how they can turn their basic home appliance into professional gear such as a tripod or drones. You don’t need to purchase fancy gear to take amazing shots as long as you have her! 

4. @mirandamorey_

Posting 71 | Follower  900,200

As mentioned, transitions are essential when it comes to professional videography. As a filmmaker, visual artist, and creative director herself, she exactly knows the moment of transition. She usually takes videos by holding the mobile phone with her hands but sometimes she shows us how to take stable shots by using ordinary stuff such as a desk chair, credit card, or twine that everyone has at home. It’s worth following her with the only reason for that brilliant idea. 

5. @wonguy974

Posting 1,737 | Follower 880,000

Since the pandemic, we all miss the days we could travel wherever we want. Now, all we can do is just watch the videos and photos on SNS getting vicarious satisfaction. @wonguy974 is also a travel photographer and a content creator. He mostly uploads travel photos but from time to time he shows us his mobile tutorial videos. Above all things, every single tutorial is taken at a place with magnificent scenery. So, you learn mobile videography tips while savoring fascinating travel spots.  Killing two birds with one stone!

6. @ zono.sann

Posting 497 | Follower 544,000 

On Instagram, there are several famous Japanese mobile videography creators. This guy is the most well-known creator among them. In the beginning, he used to upload the landscape or scenery of Japan. Since 2020, he has started to get fame by uploading concept videos using creative transitions. Now, he has over 5.4 million followers and became one of the most famous videographers on Instagram. The biggest reason for this large number of followers is the unique concepts AND authentic Japanese mood that make his works way amusing to appreciate. 

Oh. Don’t forget to check out @nishijun.1, the content creator of the @zono.sann team! 

7. @pardereiss

Posting 487 | Follower 283,000 

This lovely photographer couple doesn’t hesitate to carry out experimental and novel ideas when it comes to videography. You might wonder how they came up with those crazy ideas every time. Aside from video, you can also get a lot of information about editing apps on Story that will improve the quality of your videos. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn the A to Z of videography from them! 

8. @drexlee

Posting 1696 | Follower  131,000 

At first glance, you might be confused whether he’s taking videos or dancing. And then the result will immediately surprise you. Now, the exaggerated actions have become his iconic moves. Unlike other creators, he doesn’t really use transition a lot. However, you can learn from him that you can also take stunning videos by simply applying camera movements. 

9. @marcelkuempfel

Posting 272 | Follower  7,090

While watching mobile video hacks, you might wonder what kind of magic has been done to raw videos. Right? Most creators show you how to took it but not how they edited it. For those who want to know the backstage, I proudly introduce @marcelkuempfel to you. He will give you tips for videography with not only a DSLR but also a mobile camera. Especially for mobile videography creators, he offers creative hacks you can try. By applying his tips, you can also turn your raw video into a stunning one just like what you have seen from Instagram! 

10. @wibowo4434

Posting 78 | Follower  7,050

Finally, we reach this guy. He cut a conspicuous figure among other creators above since unlike them he doesn’t care about the result. He put all his effort into describing how other mobile videography creators do when they’re taking videos. What makes his clips way hilarious is his serious attitude. If you just look at his face, you would probably believe that he’s taking something masterpiece. When you see the result, however, you will know he actually didn’t give a damn about it. He won’t give you any tips for videography but he will make you laugh. I think that’s enough reason to follow him. 

Did you get inspired enough to create your own videos now? As you can see from creators above, creativity is not far away. Great works always come from ordinary things and all you need is just a little twist. Who knows? You can become an influencer on Instagram as well! Now, turn on the camera app and look around you. Everything you need is already there!

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