YouTube Mobile Videography: Top 5 Creators to the Rescue

The days of expensive cameras dominating the world of videos are now over. As our previous article has proven, a mobile phone is an excellent gear to shoot cinematic videos. But of course, you can’t start shooting random videos and expect yourself to get dazzling shots. You need to have fundamental skills and knowledge. Learning is always boring, but thanks to YouTube and those who are generous enough to share their gifts, the path to mobile videography is not that long.

1. Jordi Koalitic – Master of Creativity

Source: PEPESI commercial with my iPHONE by Jordi Koalitic

Jordi Koalitic is a photographer and a videographer. He is gifted with both technical skills AND creativity. Looking at his work, you realize what imagination and creativity look like. He uses DSLR cameras from time to time, but his YouTube channel has a lot of videos on mobile videography and photography. The best thing about this videographer is that he tries to make the shooting process as simple as possible. He is kind enough to show all the behind-the-scenes of his works, so it wouldn’t be so difficult to learn some of his moves. His channel does have some useful camera movements that you can try out, but what you really have to look out for is the props and usage of stuff lying around him. He is capable of using light, water, fire, and other objects to highlight his work. 

If you are interested in seeing his newest works, he uploads new posts frequently on Instagram and TikTok, so I recommend you to follow him and follow his tracks. Since he is very active on social media, he posts videos specifically designed to upload on these platforms. His works are more than just being fun to watch, they are inspirational and motivational. Seeing his videos would help you widen your perspectives on seeing the world and enhance your creativity.

2. Ur SmartMaker – The innovation of Youtube Mobile Videography

Source: Creative Transition💡With Scale | Viral Reels With Your Phone by Ur SmartMaker Shorts

Ur Smartmaker is no doubt one of the best channels that show you amazing mobile photography/videography tips. As most YouTubers do, this channel also tried various concepts before fixating on mobile shooting. Now, they share their work with many different creative ideas. They make it all very simple, yet so mind-blowing. All the tricks they try on their work are nothing too difficult, so it wouldn’t be a burden even if you are only a beginner. And apart from all the shooting processes, they also upload the editing tutorials as well.

If you wish to entertain yourself in seconds or need some inspiration, you can always visit their Instagram account, where they upload short clips on their work and behind-the-scenes. And there is no need to fear about the gears, as their name puts it, they only use the smart gear that fits in their palms. They are all about mobile videography.

3. Learn Online Video – Portable Filmschool

Source: How To Shoot Hollywood Camera Moves WITH A PHONE! | Cinematic Filmmaking Tips For Beginners by Learn Online Video

If you don’t have a clue about videography but still want to dive in, Learn Online Video is your savior, your teacher, and your fairy godmother. The channels above are more about creativity and ideas, but this one is more about the basics. It is a channel run by one single man, and he teaches you everything you have to know about films. When I say everything, I mean A to Z everything. There is a whole video only about the rule of thirds, about how to pick your first camera, hacks about camera movements, and so on. Of course, some of his videos are about those cameras with a fat body and cannon-like lens, but he has A LOT of videos on mobile videography as well. He even shows you how to shoot your own little commercial using only your phone. 

4. Brandon Li – Human Gimbal

Source: iPhone Smooth Handheld Moves-No Gimbal! by Brandon Li

Brandon Li is a very talented director/filmmaker who knows his way around. His YouTube channel is full of videography tips and gear reviews. Apart from videos about mobile videography, he also uploads other crucial factors that you have to know when it comes to filming cinematic videos. He likes to experiment with different sources he can use while filming. His videos feature all the experimenting process, which gives you the strength and motive to try your own challenge.

Also, the guy is like a human gimbal. If you want to stabilize your phone without a gimbal, Brandon Li is the guy you are looking for. If people mastered his ways, they would never have to buy gimbals. 

His YouTube channel is mostly about tutorials and tips, but if you wish to see some of his main projects, they are uploaded in Vimeo. He also shoots videos about the filming process he goes through in specific places. You can see how he directs the scenes in a certain atmosphere, and apply it to your own video later on.

5. SMARTPHONE FILMMAKING PRO – Savior of videography newbies

Source: Is this the Best Phone for Mobile Filmmaking? by SMARTPHONE FILMMAKING PRO

This channel is very new compared to other channels that I’ve introduced so far. AND it uploads videos only about smartphone videography. So I think it is safe to say it is a textbook of YouTube mobile videography. Despite its short history, the channel owner does not fail to share bright and shiny skills. Videography is not only about clear resolution. Smartphone Filmmaking Pro provides easy guidance for you to achieve perfect picture quality, lighting, movements, and audio. Also, it has videos about phone transitions, must-avoid-mistakes, free editing applications, anamorphic lens, phone gimbals, and the list goes on. You would’ve never thought that someone can make so many videos on mobile videography alone. It is an inevitable fact that phone cameras have limits in taking cinematic shots. But this channel gives reviews on various accessorized gears you can use on phone cameras to push the boundaries further away.

When we want to get into something, we get weirdly obsessive about the tools. If we do something wrong, it feels like it’s because we don’t have those fancy professional gears. However, it is all about practice and skills. Look through the channels above, build a foundation, learn the basics, experiment, and make your own style of videography. Remember, they’ve all been there, but they didn’t have YouTube then. You are one step ahead of them.

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