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Why was my footage rejected for Title? 

If your footage was rejected for Title, check if your footage is subject to the following conditions:

  • Titles are written in non-English or misspelled

All titles should be written in English. Non-English words are only acceptable if there aren’t any alternative options for English to use, or they are names of people, places, animals, or plants.

A misspelled title will not be accepted as well, so make sure it is all typed incorrectly. Sure it sounds easy and obvious, but it is indeed a mistake that anyone can make. Especially when you are listing keywords, it is very very important that you type in the right spelling. No one will be able to find your footage if you spell spaghetti, for example, spagetti.

  • Titles are irrelevant to your footage

It is an obligation for you to submit titles that are directly relevant to your work. Remember to make it as specific and descriptive as possible. A one-word title that sums up what you have would be too generic and not enough to describe your footage.

  • Titles include special characters

Special characters such as ⥴, ⬲, ন, ۝, or any letters in accordance cannot be accepted.

  • Titles are just a list of keywords

Title spamming, which is listing a bunch of keywords repeatedly is not acceptable. Please note that listing repetitive keyword phrases does not put your footage at the top of the list. You can put keywords in the keyword section. However, even there it is not a good idea to put repetitive words.

  • Titles contain specific brand/trademarks/contributor’s name

Titles with specific brand names, trademarks of any sort, contributor’s name, and other irrelevant/unnecessary information regarding content will be rejected. Information about the camera or camera settings, contributor’s private SNS account, website links or URLs, famous brand/artist/business names is all unacceptable. 

  • Titles are altered after approval
  • Titles are too offensive, or aggressive(gives displeasure in any way).

We do not accept titles that are culturally offensive, racist, and discriminatory.

፠Please be noted that Playstock limits the title to 250 words.

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