Playstock FAQ: Technical Requirements

In response to the demand of customers and continuous changes in the future, Playstock will be frequently updating our FAQs.  

Before you upload your clips, it is an obligation for you to fulfill the specified requirements listed below. Read carefully and set your cameras according to all of these following specifications, or your footage can be rejected.


Resolution determines the clarity of your video, how realistic it is. In Playstock, we highly recommend using Full HD (1920X1080). We also accept 4K videos, but FHD is preferable for your hardware/disk capacity

Duration & File Size

Each footage length has to stay between 5 seconds and 2 minutes. It should be no larger than 4GB.

Frame Rates

Frame rate is the speed at which the images composing your video are shown. Frame rate should be 24fps at least, and 60, 12 fps are also accepted.


You use a codec to digitize your video source by encoding or decoding it. We accept Apple ProRes, H.264


1080p, 30fps 5~10Mbps. Variable BitRate is highly recommended.


1080p Progressive is recommended. We don’t recommend 1080i Interlaced. 


It is recommended you submit footage without audio unless it is appropriately recorded or enhances the quality of your work. Certain audio may be unacceptable for commercial use and therefore has to be submitted for editorial use only.

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