Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Video Editors Near Me

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It seems obvious that video content has become the hottest buzzword in the whole industry. Nowadays, 55% of internet users watch online videos every day, and videos tend to get a 20 to 30% increase in conversions compared to images on Facebook ads. In that sense, it’s no surprise that even AI services have been created to provide automatic video editing. To not miss out on proven opportunities to grow your business, you need to increase the quality of your video content that catches your customers’ eyes. You need to have fear even if you have no prior experience in creating videos. All you need to do is just find the best video editors near you who fit your budget. I’ll give you a guide that will walk you through the best online platforms where you can find them. Now, let’s dive into the guide! 

TOP 7 platforms to find the BEST video editor

| Upwork

Source: Upwork

Upwork is probably the most popular job site to find freelancers worldwide. Of course for video editors. There are millions of video editors who are waiting for new projects. The great thing about Upwork is that you can be sure about the performance of the editors by checking out their portfolio, rating, feedback from past clients, and the projects they have completed before. Here’s how to contact freelancers on Upwork. First, post a job and wait for the proposals to flood in from talented people around the world. Second, shop projects are already planned by the talent to start your project right away. It depends on you. By the way, don’t forget that Upwork will charge 20% from both the freelancers and the companies! 

| PeoplePerHour

Source: PeoplePerHour

Like Upwork, you’re available to check the profile of the editors including their portfolio, skills, reviews. If you have a green light on someone, you can invite them for your project by sending a proposal. Or, you can wait for several proposals after posting your project first. The system itself is quite similar to Upwork, but PeoplePerHour seems to be aimed at the European markets, while Upwork seemed to be aimed more at the American market. So, it depends on what country you’re based in.

| Freelancer

Source: Freelancer

Freelancer is a website that hosts one of the largest gatherings of freelancers from around the world, featuring more than 45 million professionals from more than 247 countries. Once you post your project, freelance video editors who are interested in your job will begin bedding on the project by sending you a tailored and convincing proposal. All you need to do is review their portfolio and accept a bid. That’s it. Also, Freelancer is well-known for excellent and highly responsive customer service! 

| Fiverr

Source: Fiverr

When it comes to freelancer hiring platforms, Fiverr writes its name on the first page. Fiverr works just like any other marketplace. After checking out the freelancers’ portfolio and reviews, if you like it, then place an order for your work. Moreover, with Fiverr, you don’t need to worry about the quality or any issues regarding transactions. Fiverr has a testing procedure for freelancers, and you can see whether they passed it. It also has customer support that will always help you resolve any issue and will respond within 24 hours. 

| Toptal

Source: Toptal

“You get what you pay for” is a perfect expression for Toptal. Toptal significantly saves your time on spending hours filtering through freelancers for their skills. They help you find top talent by sourcing the top 3% of freelancers and matching you to the right person for your projects. How on earth do they maintain high quality? The secret is Toptal’s 5 steps screening process to bet freelancers.

To step across the threshold of Toptal, freelancers should pass the test for language, personality, in-depth skill, live screening, and completion of projects related to a real-world scenario. This is not the end. Once the test is complete, they are expected to maintain high-quality work. Of the quality slips, they’re not allowed to stay in Toptal anymore. This is why only 3.2% of applicants pass this round. Moreover, the first time you work with your freelancer, you get 2 weeks of the test period. If you’re not satisfied with your hire, Toptal will take the loss and won’t charge you anything. 

| GoLance

Source: GoLance

GoLance features more flexible services than other platforms. Individuals can create a profile on the site, noting what they do and what they charge. You can invite them to bid on your project or just post the project on public so that several freelancers can seek you out. Once you and the freelancer agree on work, the next step will be agreement on payment terms. Payment could be either hourly basis or a flat rate. When it comes to an hourly basis, freelancers must keep track of their time with a GoLance time-tracking application to prevent over or undercharge. The greatest advantage of GoLance is definitely the cost. You don’t need to pay for listing projects on GoLance at all!

| Guru

Source: Guru

Guru features an easy and simple hiring process for people who need to contract freelancers. With a user-friendly interface, Guru connects you with freelancers worldwide, giving you access to a pool of skilled candidates that offer the skills you need. Just like other platforms, you can post jobs and get quotes from freelancers who are interested in your project. When you request a quote, freelancers will bid on your post for the chance to work on your project.

TOP 3 Facebook groups to find the BEST video editor

The platforms above would save your time but not your budget. If you want to avoid commission for the service, there’s another way. Facebook group. Facebook Groups are a great way to find online work, promote your services, and interact with talented freelancers & digital nomads. So, here is the list for you to know which communities are worth joining.

| Videography & Video Editing

Source: Videography & Video Editing Facebook Group

This group is one of the largest video editing groups with more than 8.9 thousand members. A great thing about this group is that it is a spam-free zone for freelancers to connect, ask, questions, and find new job opportunities. So, if you’re looking for video editors, this group shouldn’t be miss. 

| The Freelance Videographer Community

Source: The Freelance Videographer Community Facebook Group

The Freelance videographer Community is definitely one of the best Facebook groups for videographers. Freelancers share the result of their work including shooting and editing to get feedback from other members before getting confirmation from their clients. So, you don’t need to waste your time screening their performance. Because all you see from the page is their real skills. 

| Video Editing Jobs & 3D/2D Animation Jobs

Source: Video Editing Jobs & 3D/2D Animation Jobs Facebook Group

This group is more for the clients just like you. Once you post about your project with details, freelance video editors will leave comments. After checking out their portfolio, you can make a decision. Unlike platforms, however, you have to deal with payments, contracts on your own.  So, carefully draw up the contract. 

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